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Drank Extreme Relaxation Beverage Review

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What are anti-energy drinks?

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Now several beverage companies have introduced "anti energy drinks," with brand names such as Slow Cow, V. I actually had to tuck myself into bed to notice the side effects. And how much did it cost. Enuf is still being manufactured in Johnson City, Tennessee and sold sparsely throughout the nation.

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An “anti-energy” drink named after iconic reggae star Bob Marley caused nausea, vomiting and dizziness among students who purchased the beverage in their school cafeteria. Billed as a “premium relaxation drink,” Marley’s Mellow Mood claims to contain % natural botanical ingredients. But the label does include a warning: “The all.

Slow Cow is a relaxation drink Dubbed an "anti-energy" drink, produced in Quebec, Canada by the company Slow Cow Drink Inc. it was created to "help people slow down" and parodied Red Bull by using packaging similar to that of the popular energy drink.

Slow Cow was launched in Quebec in Decemberwith plans to sell the product in the rest of Canada, and in France, the United Arab Emirates. Superman has Lex Luther, Batman has The Joker, and now the energy drink has it’s own nemesis, Drank, the anti-energy drink?

Drank is being marketed as a drink that calms you down instead of energizing you up and was first launched in Houston, Texas. Anti-energy drinks, as you can probably guess, are the same idea aimed at opposite results.

Hit your favorite natural foods store and you'll find no shortage of herbal sleep and relaxation aids like melatonin, kava root or valerian root.

Anti energy drink
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