Htaccess rewrite all except one directory

Configuration Sections

In addition to guides like this one, we provide simple cloud infrastructure for developers. Usage is simple; you make it your target page, so in a rule like this.

This is a very useful technique for preventing visitor confusion or dismay during those awkward, web-development moments.

A Word of Warning:

Finally, having said ALL that, I'd still much rather use PHP sessions wherever possible, and if taking a chance on something more permanent, with a persistent cookie, php or similar is still a better place to be coding this sort of stuff. Rewrites are powerful, and can be complex, but learning how to use rewrites effectively can save your day, and add functionality to your website without the use of other software.

The enclosed directives are applied only for those requests that match the containers. Set a cookie with this visitor's "Original Referer", using RewriteRule. While not required under normal circumstances, default will restore Apache httpd's simple hardcoded message for configurations that would otherwise inherit an existing ErrorDocument.

Apache Core Features

To accomplish this, we'll create a rule. It is crutial that your htaccess be at the same level or higher than the pages you are redirecting!.

Password Protecting Your Pages with htaccess

You can also visit two websites that attempt to translate your existing rules for you, though they are not always percent accurate. While it's easy enough to set cookies in. So, for the first server, the one you want to redirect, use: Using time in seconds see conversion chart to indicate the duration for which cached content should endure, we may generalize the necessary.

In the following code chunk, we are enabling the AllowOverride privileges only in the specified directory: The filesystem is the view of your disks as seen by your operating system.

Password Protect a Directory Using .htaccess

It must be written in one constant line. So, for illustrative purposes, say you navigated to http: Apache can only access components by their full filename, but we can alter that with a rewrite rule.

It's way faster than enabling rewrite logging, too. You can create rules based not simply on the requested URL, but also on such things as IP address, browser agent send old browsers to different pages, for instanceand even the time of day; the possibilities are practically limitless.

Filesystem, Webspace, and Boolean Expressions The most commonly used configuration section containers are the ones that change the configuration of particular places in the filesystem or webspace.

Yea I want it to rewrite the url, I knew I could put up another directory and place an that has the portfolio code but I was trying to make it easier and keep the same structure.

Pullo. Also, there is really no reason to check both "-f" and "-s" -- Pick one or the other, depending on whether you want to allow an empty physical file to inhibit the rule. See Apache mod_rewrite documentation, RewriteCond CondPattern description, for the differences between -s and -f.

Block all IP addresses except your own from accessing admin files If you want to make sure that no IP address except your own are allowed to access the wp_admin directory of your site, there’s a code that allows you to block all other IP addresses from accessing the directory.

Url rewriting except for one folder. And I want the / to handle ALL the urls except the one that are for the administration folder (handled in the /administration/ file only if I'm in the correct IP/range).

.htaccess Cheat Sheet

Browse other questions tagged apache maghreb-healthexpo.comss or ask your own question. asked. 8 years ago. -- and the second "public_html" directory is identical to the first, containing maghreb-healthexpo.comss file and everything else.

There are no other domain/subdomain directories under "domains" except for the one. Enabling the module is pretty simple: I just needed to make a symbolic link to the file from the mods-available directory to the mods-enabled directory (all found, in this instance, in the apache2 directory, at /etc/apache2).

Htaccess rewrite all except one directory
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