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I did not have recess duty so I was able to get the room set up prior to the kiddos coming in. Today is a good day. Use a hole puncher to make 2 holes, as marked on template. Don't look under there. I printed and laminated them, then cut them out individually. White cardstock preferably thick 3.

That's a lot of clicking, but hopefully you found really good stuff. We're trying going to stay two steps ahead of them and rely on peer pressure our quiet, rule following folks to help us out.

Let me know in the comment section, 'kay.

My Laminated Freebie List: TV Series Edition

Make sure you do not overlap on the string. Though, your child will not agree and think glue is fun. I hung them across the arch in our living room just as we enter the house.

Now that you have constructed your paper lantern, you may decorate as you wish.

My Laminated Freebie List: TV Series Edition

Unfortunately for me, I haven't yet gotten a job in my new state. Tomorrow marks the first day of spring!. Score lightly and fold along the dotted lines Put your double sided tape or glue. Three different booklets are included: Either way, sometimes they work wonders in our first grade classroom.

I feel it's important to teach this "reversed" thinking skill so when they come to an unknown word in their reading they will have these same three tools to try.

I was super excited but had no idea where to begin. Now carefully construct your paper lantern, starting from the top left and make your way across, and then below clockwise This is what underneath should look like.

I had placed the conditioner in the refrigerator so that it would be cold. Thats right, confetti is all about celebration; and for Muslims, Eid marks one of our biggest celebrations. Well, substitute monsters step in, of course.

I put down the table clothes and then gave each kiddo a pile of snow. They know they go there, but they don't pay attention to the names or their parents don't tell them.

Pencil doesn't have a The story has it's young audience guessing at just who is going to replace old Gabe, the resident monster, so the ending is well anticipated.

Good luck to you. Since having kids and living abroadI try to make Eid as joyous as it can be. Okay, I can use the words and pictures to help me. Click to get there. Make sure each side is equal in length.

May it bring happiness and joy for your Eid celebrations with your loved ones. Love, love, love the linkys as a teacher and a blogger. I taped mine onto my teacher cart and then they were they to access each week thereafter.

Score lightly and fold along the dotted lines Put your double sided tape or glue. Hi there and happy Friday. We share a little about the creatures who might live under their beds and what we do to hold them at bay. Here are some examples. You have it too.

I know many of you are either beginning school or getting ready. Double sided tape or glue 6. Ink can be delivered to your door before you run out. All real freebies. Try real free samples of all different kinds of beauty products and cosmetics.

No credit card required, no strings attached. Feb 02,  · Reasons Why I Love My Class - Freebie! I wanted to do a little something special for my class this Valentine's Day, so when one of my friends posted this Valentine Heart Attack post from Skip to My Lou on Facebook, I knew I wanted to adapt it for the classroom.

Don’t be lazy like me and cut all 6 pages together in one go!

Free Notes Insert - Personal WIDE - Freebie

Thank God I got them all right- be sure to align the pages properly if you’re using this lazy method! My students have already begun to talk about their elves at home and I think this is the perfect way to bring some Christmas magic into my classroom (and hopefully a little management magic as well!) I have made arrangements for my elf to arrive via “Special Delivery” tomorrow morning.

I have a fun freebie to share with you as well. Dec 28,  · Enjoy this Polar Bear 10 frame freebie! Click on the picture to download. {3} I celebrated Christmas with lots of family and friends.

Both my babies made it home for Christmas, which made me happy, happy, happy! {4} I am having a 20% off sale on my products at both my Teachers pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook stores.

{5}. I don’t want anything free for my birthday, said no one ever. Here’s how to get lots of birthday freebies on your special day (or week!).

My freebie
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