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In addition, each user has a journal page, which shows all of their most recent journal entries, along with links to the comment pages. A friends list may represent something entirely unrelated to social relationships, such as a reading list, a collection or a puzzle.

All one-shots involving bois and their love for each other. LiveJournal responded by changing the FAQ on appropriate content for default user pictures. LiveJournal's management pointed out that the invite code system had always been intended to be temporary.

All the users of the communities are divided into: Before March 12,basic accounts were ad-free; in AugustLiveJournal resumed new basic account creation but changed that account level to display ads to non-logged-in readers.

Comments on a given entry may be allowed from anyone who can read the entry or restricted. The first members were distinguished people in the areas of law and technology, danah boydEsther DysonLawrence Lessigand the original LiveJournal founder, Brad Fitzpatrick.

How long can he withstand the torture of being one among many others. Paid account holders are given full access to S2 management and more userpics, as well as other features.

Most of the backlash was from fan fiction writers whose communities and personal journals were among those suspended, seemingly because they listed interests such as " incest " or "non-con" short for non-consensual.

The first attack on March 30 took down the site for several hours. A small controversy arose in November when a policy document used by the Abuse Prevention Team was leaked to a group of its critics before it was due to be released.

The hacker group responsible was later identified as "Bantown".

Users can also have replies sent directly to their registered e-mail address. There are probably a lot of them out there that's waiting for me to explore.

Will he be given a reason to put aside his whips and chains and only give pain to one man. Such content should be marked in order to be shown only to users whose birth dates on their user information page indicate that they are over the age of LiveJournal additionally has a "private" security option which allows users to make a post that only the poster can read, thus making their LiveJournal a private diary rather than a blog.

Confusion No Hime

Completed 27 Sep, Ch 1, 2, and 3 was released as a one-shot called "Silver Butterfly". Privacy[ edit ] LiveJournal provides an option intended to reduce the chances of search engines indexing a journal; however, the only way to make it completely impossible for such indexing to occur is to set the entry security to "friends only" or higher when first posting the entry.

When a journal is suspended, it effectively removes from sight everything the user has written on LiveJournal, including comments in other people's journals; however, the user is able to download the material while suspended.

Moderators [22] can approve or reject messages left by participants, add existing records label or tags, approve requests to join a community, hide and freeze comments. During the early years of the site, Frank was treated like an actual living being by much of the LiveJournal userbase, and his brief "biography" as well as his "journal" reflect this.

LiveJournal's history prior to Nowadays, voluntary contributions to the software are considered for inclusion less and less as the company has acquired more and more paid employees who focus on the organization's commercial interests.

Members [23] can see the community's members-only entries. Still, such features as tags and userpics cannot be hidden. Breastfeeding pictures were not restricted by the original FAQ, and the current FAQ reflects the fact that they are only restricted from use as a default user picture.

Anyway, here are some cool scanlation sites that you can check out if you want to download and read some manga or doujinshis. Why is Yagarasu's past appearing now. Internet censorship Lawsuits against bloggers[ edit ] In Russian blogger Savva Terentyev was accused of fomenting social hatred to the staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and sentenced to one year probation due to his comment in the blog of a local journalist.

Each to-do list item must have a subject, priority, details and descriptions, status, percent done, due date and categories field. Users may restrict who can comment on their posts in addition to who has the ability to read their posts.

There is also a sizable Russian contingent. onetreehillfic — Readability. Log in NOTES: I've tried this for a couple of other fandoms, and wanted to push myself to write a little more OTH fic.

The idea is you put your iPod on shuffle, and write a short ficlet inspired by each song that comes on (for ten songs.) Pairings: That would be giving too much away.

Rating: To be on the. The Write Away where ideas take flight Our goal is to grow as writers, readers, and reviewers while making friends with the other members, all within a tight knit community free of plagiarism woes. LiveJournal. Find more. Communities; (there's a link to it on the aforementioned form.

It's also in our profile.) If you've been with us for a while, fear not! If, however, you are looking for a more secure place to showcase your writing at the moment, check out our sister community, the_write_away!

PH's Currently Posting Authors. which is the worse crime? When I came home from work yesterday, I can’t say I was surprised to see Maria kissing Brett and leaving in her silver Volvo. They mouthed sweet goodbyes to each other through the car window, and Maria backed out of the driveway, my driveway, and left.


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LiveJournal is the largest online community on the Runet, with about 45% of all entries in the Russian blogosphere. According to Alexa Internet 50% of LiveJournal's audience is located in Russia.


[31]Owner: Rambler Media Group. Rating of posts in LiveJournal blogs. LJ Top is automatically generated.? LiveJournal.

How do i actually read the manga in sites like dragonvoice, attractive fascinante and such?

Find more The Moderators of plagiarismhaven put out a notice calling their members to get together and create a new sister community to host their own work. A storm of comments followed and from its ashes rose The Write Away. The moderators of TWA are.

Write away community livejournal afascinante
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